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PS Accessories

We "PS Accessories", established in the year of 2002 are a leading manufacturer, supplier and importer of Reflective Tape, Reflective Fabric, Reflective Heat Transfer Film, Reflective Heat Transfer Label, Reflective Trade Mark Logo, etc. We offer various qualities of reflective products to suit your quality standards and price range.Apart from the reflective power, our material offers high resistance to washing, remaining bright after repeated wash and drying.

As such our reflective material can be used for a variety of safety applications including safety garments, safety and fashion shoes, sportswear, workwear, bags, gloves and garment decorating articles. We import our products from China and Korea.

Our products have met the specification certificates of EN ISO 20471 CLASS II, ANS/ISEA 107,OEKO-TEX 100, EN11612 ,EN533, EN1150 and EN13356.

About Reflective Materials

Technology offers a safer way to beo outdoors when it is dark, snowy or foggy. Reflective materials are becoming more and more common in todays sportswear, childrens wear, activewear, rainwear and petwear. Reflective fabrics, Reflective films ,Reflective trims and Reflective yarn contain thousands of tiny glass beads that refract light. The reflective clothing and reflective accessories become highly visible allowing to be seen even in the darkest night, these materials are water resistant, resistant to environmental agents and stronger than ever before.With the use of technology ,designers and manufacturers are making safety more fun and fashionable. Fabrics, films, yarns, trims,and transfers can now be produced with reflective qualities. This means that we can sew or peel and stick Reflective materials to clothing, accessories. Caring for these materials is also easy as most of them can be machine washed and ironed on a low setting.

Reflective materials can be used on caps, shoes, uniforms, leg and arm bands, raincoats and carrying cases such as backpacks. Everyone benefits from the use of Reflective materials including children, adults, elderly, athletes, construction workers, firemen, police and pet. Characteristics of Reflective materials.